Launch Plan

This collection is composed of of thousands of Nymphs spread out across the Internet.

Unlike other projects, these Nymphs will not be limited to a single blockchain or marketplace. Different Nymphs will reside on different blockchains, from Etherum and Polygon to Tezos and Solana.

Every Nymph is an individually named and uniquely rare collectible. No two are the same, and no Nymph will appear on more than one blockchain.

It’s up to you to hunt down and discover these rare Nymphs.


We’ll be collaborating with many of the top NFT influencers around the world.

We’ll be doing online promotions, podcasts, and content pushes.

We also plan to launch our own PsychoMerch, including psycho-branded clothing, gifts and more.

You can check out PsychoNymphs on Instagram and Twitter.

We’ll be airdropping additional psycho collectibles to our supporters.

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