1. Launch Plan

This collection is composed of of thousands of Nymphs spread out across the Internet.

Unlike other projects, these Nymphs will not be limited to a single blockchain or marketplace. Different Nymphs will reside on different blockchains, from Etherum and Polygon to Tezos and Solana.

Every Nymph is an individually named and uniquely rare collectible. No two are the same, and no Nymph will appear on more than one blockchain.

It’s up to you to hunt down and discover these rare Nymphs.

2. Concept

PsychoNymphs™ is an evolving narrative that unfolds over time, with the participation of the community.

Each of the Nymphs possesses mystical powers due to her plunge into The Chaos. Depending on the Nymphs’ DNA and social upbringing, they react differently.

Some Nymphs use their powers to fight against The Chaos, while others succumb to the madness, wreaking havoc upon anyone who clings to sanity.

It’s up to you to choose your Nymphs and your side, as the battle rages between the sane and those who have fallen to the forces of disorder.

3. Who Are We?

LavaMind is a well-established developer. We have a proven track record with many years experience.

Our art, games and creativity have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world, received top reviews, and won dozens of awards. We are passionate about experimenting with new technology and ideas.

4. Promotions

We’ll be collaborating with many of the top NFT influencers around the world.

We’ll be doing online promotions, podcasts, and content pushes.

We also plan to launch our own PsychoMerch, including psycho-branded clothing, gifts and more.

You can check out PsychoNymphs on Instagram and Twitter.

We’ll be airdropping additional psycho collectibles to our supporters.

Follow us for giveaways and airdrops!

5. Vision

We designed these Nymphs to be characters in a fantasy Metaworld.

Our vision is to develop an expansive and detailed universe, with a rich narrative.

We plan to open up the story creation to our community, so our members can participate in developing the Nymphs’ backstories and personalities.

We’re also considering forming a PsychoDAO, where all our loyal lunatics can conspire together to shape the world.

Join us, as we push the psycho realm into virgin territory.

Yours truly,
Lady Midnight